Monday, August 27, 2012

Darkness Monsters!

Darkmiss Monsters (or Darkness, I've heard it both ways) have become a big problem around here recently. They lurk around at night and can cause all kinds of scary fearness. Luckily, my son and I came up with a solution:

~~~Gum-Gum Spray~~~

This purified water spritz (1 oz.), 
powered with a blend of rosewater and essential oils of frankincense & bergamot and other fragrances, will repel Darkness Monsters, Darkness Ghosts, and Darkness Snakes.

Spray it anywhere you need protection. Spray 5 spritzes on everything that is very important to you. When you use this spritz, darkness monster/ghost/snake attacks will have no effect on you and their heads will shrink for over 8 seconds.

It is:
-20% effective on a scout
-20 hundred billion % effective on a leader
-50 thousand 28 hundred % effective on the boss

WARNING: Do NOT spray directly on monsters--it will make them unusually powerful and scary.

Because we are so relieved to find a way to stop the Darkness Monsters, we want to make sure that it is available to all children.