Monday, July 18, 2011

Another Pink vs. Blue Debate: Does It Really Matter Anymore?

This recent ABCNEWS article on gender roles and the impact of color choices for young boys has us yet again focus on the tired debate of whether boys can wear pink. In fact, they do wear light pinkpreppy pink and faded berry. They wear a lot of pink in the spring and summer, in fact. Does this challenge their manliness or is it just a fashion choice? What about the boy in the article shown wearing light pink toe nail polish and pink plastic toy heels? Still ok?

Ponder Diane Keaton in Annie Hall in her gender-bending ensembles and what they say about women. Do men who dress in feminine colors say the same about themselves or is there a different message? Are we afraid it's this message?

What are your thoughts about boys wearing pink when it's not in the form of a polo shirt?

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  1. What was good to see in this article was some dialogue about what boys want to wear and what is still standing in the way of them feeling free to choose. What was sad to see is parents who seem like they are genuinely wanting to support their children in being authentic, but who are still afraid of crossing societal boundaries (real or perceived). It looks like a growing acceptance of boys stretching their clothing choices, but there is still clearly a long way to go. I like what Sarah Hoffman has to share about her Pink Boy (, and the predicament ( of supporting our sons in being authentic in a world that doesn't always accept their individuality.