Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Future of Feminism?

There is an excellent interview with Gloria Steinhem on the future of Feminism in yesterday's Huff Post. Whatever you think about GS or feminism (I think both are rad), she makes an excellent point that the future of feminism depends on the humanization of the traditional masculine and feminine roles. She goes on to say that it is these

'gender roles that are the beginning of a false human hierarchy and normalize race, class and other systems of domination to come -- even "Man's" dominion over nature. The deepest change begins with men raising children as much as women do and women being equal actors in the world outside the home. There are many ways of supporting that, from something as simple as paid sick leave and flexible work hours to attributing an economic value to all care-giving, and making that amount tax deductible. Until the masculine role is humanized, women will tend to be much better at solving dangerous conflicts. That's already happened in Ireland and Liberia, and is beginning in North and South Korea.'

We've talked about ways we can raise our boys to help them be the best possible version of themselves as human beings that are male, rather than 'raising men'. Indoctrinating young children with failed ideals will only produce more of the same failures in our culture and in our world. Raising human beings is a much more complex and delicate operation that requires our full attention and all of our relationship skills. Learning and knowing our children, both male and female, and giving them the gift of our love and attention, is a good start. Shedding many of the failed 'parenting' techniques like hitting and isolating, are great next steps. Developing and maintaining a connection with our kids and meeting their needs are ways we can keep the momentum going towards buoying our boys, girls - and humanity - to meet the challenges ahead.

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